Top 7 Looks to Create with The Magic of Pearlescent Eyeshadow Pencils

Pearlescent Eyeshadow Pencils


We present you a guide to creating seven stunning looks using the magic of pearlescent eyeshadow pencils, complete with step-by-step instructions and expert tips.

1. Soft Daytime Glow for Effortless Beauty

This look is perfect for those who want a naturally enhanced eye that complements a daytime look. Start with a light gold or champagne pearlescent pencil. These shades create a subtle luminosity without overpowering your natural beauty.

How to do it

  • Begin by applying the pearlescent pencil across your entire eyelid, starting from the lash line and blending upwards towards your crease.
  • Use a clean eyeshadow brush to gently blend the color into the crease. This softens any harsh lines and creates a seamless transition.
  • For a natural look, skip eyeliner and mascara. However, if you prefer a touch more definition, apply a single coat of lengthening mascara to your upper lashes.
  • Pro Tip: Apply a touch of the same pearlescent shade to the inner corner of your eye to further brighten and widen your eyes.

    2. Classic Smoky Eye for a Timeless Appeal

    The smoky eye is a timeless makeup style that you can easily create using the magic of pearlescent eyeshadow pencils. The shimmer from the pencils adds a fresh, modern twist to the usual smoky look. For this style, opt for a darker shade like charcoal or deep plum. The pearlescent effect will catch the light beautifully, giving your eyes an enchanting glow. This technique not only enhances the depth of your eyes but also adds a touch of glamour suitable for any evening event.

    How to do it

  • Start by applying the pearlescent pencil along your lash line and into the crease of your eye. Focus on the outer corner for a more dramatic effect.
  • Use a smudging brush to blend the color upwards and outwards, creating a diffused, smoky effect.
  • To add dimension, apply a lighter pearlescent shade, like a shimmering taupe, to the center of your eyelid. This creates a beautiful contrast with the darker shade in the crease.
  • Finish with a black eyeliner pencil along your upper lash line and volumizing mascara for added drama.
  • Pro Tip:Opt for a brown or charcoal eyeliner instead of black for a softer, more daytime-appropriate smoky eye.

    3. Playful and Vibrant Pop of Color

    With the magic of pearlescent eyeshadow pencils, you get a fantastic array of vibrant colors, making them perfect for adding a playful and energetic pop to your eye makeup. Choose a bold pearlescent shade like teal, emerald green, or vibrant purple to bring a splash of color that stands out. These bright hues are excellent for highlighting the eyes and can transform a simple makeup look into something striking and fun.

    How to do it

  • Line your lower lash line entirely with the chosen pearlescent shade. Extend the color slightly beyond the outer corner of your eye for a subtle wing effect.
  • To balance the bold color on your lower lash line, use a neutral shade like a light beige or taupe on your eyelid. This keeps the overall look from becoming overwhelming.
  • Apply a few coats of mascara to your upper and lower lashes to further define your eyes.
  • Pro Tip: For a bolder look, smudge the pearlescent color along your lower lash line for a more diffused effect.

    4. Romantic Rose Gold Which is Date Night-Ready

    Create a soft, romantic look that’s perfect for a date night or special occasion using the magic of pearlescent eyeshadow pencils in rose gold and bronze. These colors work wonderfully together to give you a gentle, shimmering effect that enhances your natural beauty, making them ideal for moments when you want to feel extra special.

    How to do it

  • Apply a rose gold pearlescent pencil all over your eyelid, starting from the lash line and blending upwards.
  • Use a darker shade, like a bronze or brown pearlescent pencil, in the crease of your eye to add definition.
  • Blend both shades seamlessly for a polished look.
  • For added drama and elegance, consider applying a thin winged eyeliner using a black or brown liquid liner.
  • Finish the look with a few coats of volumizing mascara on both your upper and lower lashes.
  • Pro Tip: Enhance the romantic feel by applying a touch of the rose gold pearlescent shade to your lower lash line in the center of your eye.

    5. Edgy and Modern Metallic Cat Eye

    Elevate the classic cat eye with an edgy, modern twist by incorporating a metallic pearlescent eyeshadow pencil. Shades like silver, gunmetal grey, or bold copper add a stunning shimmer that enhances the traditional sleek lines of a cat eye, making it perfect for both day and evening wear. The metallic finish adds a futuristic touch to this timeless look, drawing attention to the eyes with a sparkle that shifts beautifully with light.

    How to do it

  • Use your pearlescent pencil to draw a sharp line along your upper lash line, starting from the inner corner and extending outwards in a flicked-up motion at the outer corner.
  • If you prefer a softer look, use a small angled brush to gently blend the edges of the line for a slightly diffused effect.
  • To allow the cat eye to be the star of the show, keep the rest of your eyelid minimal. Apply a neutral eyeshadow shade or simply blend out any harsh lines from the eyeliner.
  • Apply a bold mascara to your upper lashes, focusing on the outer corner to further accentuate the cat-eye effect.
  • Pro Tip: For added drama, pair the metallic cat eye with a bold red lip.

    6. Sunset Eyes with a Burst of Color

    Create a stunning eye look that captures the essence of a vibrant sunset with a burst of color using the magic of pearlescent eyeshadow pencils. This dramatic, colorful style is perfect for summer evenings or any time you want to add a touch of drama to your makeup. The key is to blend a palette of sunset-inspired hues, think yellow or gold, orange, and red or pink—to mimic the natural gradient of a sunset.

    How to do it

  • Begin by applying the yellow or gold pearlescent shade in the inner corner of your eye.
  • Blend the yellow shade seamlessly into the orange pearlescent shade across the middle of your eyelid.
  • Apply the red or pink pearlescent shade towards the outer corner of your eye.
  • The key to this look is creating a smooth gradient effect. Use a clean eyeshadow brush to blend all three shades meticulously, ensuring no harsh lines remain.
  • Pro Tip: Opt for a shimmery black eyeliner pencil along the upper lash line to further define the eye and complement the vibrant colors.

    7. Cool and Shimmery Frosty Winter Look

    Embrace the chilly allure of the winter season with a frosted eye look that’s perfect for holiday gatherings or a glamorous night out. Using the magic of pearlescent eyeshadow pencils in shades of white or icy blue paired with silver, you can create a sparkling, icy effect that mimics the shimmer of fresh snow and frost. This look is particularly stunning under festive lights and complements the wintry weather beautifully, making it an excellent choice for seasonal events

    How to do it

  • Begin by applying the white or icy blue pearlescent shade all over your eyelid, reaching from the lash line to the crease.
  • Use the silver shade in the crease of your eye to add depth and definition. Blend the silver shade upwards and outwards to create a seamless transition with the white or icy blue base.
  • Take the look to the next level by applying a glittery top coat over the entire eyelid. This adds a touch of festive sparkle, perfect for the winter season.
  • Finish the look with a dramatic mascara that will add volume and definition to your lashes.
  • Complete the frosty winter look by applying a cool-toned highlighter to your brow bone to further emphasize the frosty effect.
  • Pro Tip: For a more subtle take on this look, skip the glittery top coat and opt for a pearlescent shade with a built-in shimmer finish.


    The magic of pearlescent eyeshadow pencils offers endless possibilities for creating stunning eye looks. With a little practice and these handy tips, you can unlock the magic of these versatile makeup tools and express your unique style with confidence. Whether you're going for a soft and romantic vibe or a bold and edgy statement, these pencils can help you achieve the look you desire effortlessly. Remember, the most important aspect of makeup is to have fun and experiment with different colors and techniques to find what flatters you most.

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